Terminology – Error, Fault, Failure, Incident, Test, Test Case

Greetings reader!

In today’s blog,  I will discuss the differences between very important terminology in software testing: Error, Fault, Failure, Incident, Test, and Test Case. This blog will define each term and explain how they all correlate. Without any further introduction, let’s begin.

The differences between error, fault, failure, and incident are as follows:

An error is a human action that produces an incorrect result.  A fault is a flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function. A failure is a deviation of the software from its expected delivery or service. An Incident is an unplanned interruption. When the status of any activity turns from working to failed and causes the system to fail it is an incident. A problem can cause more than one incident which are to be resolved, preferably as soon as possible.

An error is something that a human does, we all make mistakes and when we do while developing software, it is known as an error. The result of an error being made is a fault.

When a system or piece of software does not perform the correct action, this is known as a failure. Failures are caused by faults in the software. Note that software system can contain faults but still never fail (this can occur if the faults are in those parts of the system that are never used). In other words, failure is the exposure of one or more faults.

A test is a process that evaluate the functions of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not and to identify the defects to ensure that the product is defect free in order to produce the quality product.

A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system under test satisfies requirements or works correctly. The process of developing test cases can also help find problems in the requirements or design of an application.

All in all, these terms are pretty elementary, however they are all important in Software testing. These terms all coincide with each other and I hop this blog was able to explain them in short detail.



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